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As a leading 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) company, we provide a completely integrated design-to-production service including, rapid prototyping, 3D printing, additive manufacturing of production parts. finishing and scale model making (both small and large sizes)

In-house services include:

3D Printing: SLA (Stereolithography): SLS (Selective Laser Sintering): FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling): Polyjet: Colour Jet Printing: DLP: Laser Cutting: Digital Prinitng: Rapid Prototyping: Engineering Solutions: Additive Manufacturing: A range of finishing options and service levels

Our robust and technically strong Project Partner Network Includes:

Metal 3D Printing (SLM/DMLS, MIM) , Vacuum Casting(VC), Injection Molding(IM), CNC Machining and sheet metal works, resin casting and Styro Works.

Our Manufacturing technologies can be used for both small components to large scale parts and volume production. From rapid prototyping of early-stage concept parts and additive manufacturing of production parts and components, we can serve you with the right materials and solutions.  To complement our technology services we provide integrated consultancy, support and advice on material choice, process selection and design optimization.

A range of finishing options is available including surface smoothing, lacquering, dye colouring, spray painting and hand finishing.

Clients include design consultancies and product designers and design engineers in the pharma-medical, oil and gas, automotive, aerospace and consumer manufacturing sectors, visual Merchandise and many more.


Why choose us:

  1. Free Consultation: on any application-based manufacturing for your projects:

We want you to succeed with your projects, so we are always very happy to offer advice and support. Often a small change to a design can make a model/part/component better suited for 3D printing or any other manufacturing methodology.

  1. We know what we are doing:

The team at LayerX have been using 3D printing technology extensively for several years. Having previously supported in all disciplines of additive manufacturing and traditional manufacturing we belong to the community and we have the experience of various printing/manufacturing technologies including various finishing methods.

  1. Quality and Results: Our reputation is very important to us. We aim to provide the best possible experience and have strict quality control, only dispatching a product that meets our own high standard. We follow ISO-9001-2015 very aptly.
  2. Fast & Efficient Service: Ontime Every time!

Our 3D print farm has the capacity to handle both small and volume, large structures and big sizes also can be handled, within a swift time frame. It’s this capacity that helps us keep prices affordable and maintain the prompt service our customers have come to expect.