IN 718, also known as Alloy 718, is a nickel-based superalloy widely used in high-temperature environments for its exceptional mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. Composed of nickel (Ni) and chromium (Cr), with smaller amounts of molybdenum (Mo), niobium (Nb), and other elements, IN 718 exhibits high tensile strength, fatigue resistance, and oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures. It offers outstanding corrosion resistance against pitting, crevice, and intergranular corrosion, making it ideal for aggressive environments. IN 718 is known for its good weldability and can be easily formed into different shapes. Commonly used in aerospace, automotive, and oil and gas industries for critical applications.

Properties and Characteristics

  1. High temperature resistance: IN-718 has a high melting point of around 1,260°C (2,300°F), which makes it suitable for applications that require parts to withstand high temperatures, such as aerospace components, gas turbines, and rocket engines.
  2. Excellent mechanical properties: IN-718 exhibits excellent mechanical properties, including high tensile strength, fatigue strength, and toughness. This makes it suitable for demanding applications where parts are subjected to heavy loads or dynamic forces.
  3. Corrosion resistance: IN-718 has good corrosion resistance, making it suitable for use in aggressive environments, such as marine and oil and gas applications.
  4. High thermal stability: IN-718 maintains its mechanical properties even at elevated temperatures, making it suitable for high-temperature applications where parts need to maintain their integrity and performance under extreme conditions.
  5. Good printability: IN-718 is known to have good printability in additive manufacturing processes, such as powder bed fusion (PBF) and direct energy deposition (DED). It can be readily processed into complex geometries with high accuracy and repeatability.
  6. Heat treatable: IN-718 can be heat treated to optimize its mechanical properties, allowing for customization of the material’s properties to suit specific application requirements.
  7. High strength-to-weight ratio: IN-718 has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which makes it suitable for lightweighting applications where weight reduction is desired without compromising on strength and durability.
  8. Low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE): IN-718 has a low CTE, which means it exhibits minimal dimensional changes with temperature fluctuations, making it suitable for applications where dimensional stability is critical.
  9. Good fatigue resistance: IN-718 has good fatigue resistance, making it suitable for applications that require repeated loading and unloading cycles, such as aerospace and automotive components.
  10. Wide range of applications: Due to its unique combination of properties, IN-718 is used in a wide range of applications, including aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, marine, and power generation industries, where high performance and reliability are critical.



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